Cuckold Remorse

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Sounds like spurned boyfriend, Michael Hadjedj, tried to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, model Christina Matthaus, when he found out she had used his American Express card for a luxury department store shopping spree and for airline tickets, destination Europe, to rendezvous with another man. Hopefully, she bought hot lingerie and heels to wear for her lover while shopping at Bergdorf’s. Christina had permission to use the card while she and Hadjedj were together, but her ex must have experienced cuckold remorse after he got his Amex statement.

Some men simply don’t want to accept their status in the male hierarchy. It’s a given that men perceive their status defined by wealth and success. However, what men need to realize is this: While women seek out wealthy and successful men, women define the most important Alpha male status trait, sexual status. After his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend purchased tickets to fly to Europe to liaise with a sexually superior male, instead of doing what a dutiful cuckold should and masturbate to the sexual excitement that his girlfriend s finding a superior cock to mate with, he called the police to file a complaint about his credit card being misused. I assume this wealthy cuckold isn’t into financial domination either. In any case, Christina can now file suit against her ex-boyfriend Hadjedj for defamation based on malicious intent in filing the complaint against her. Christina lost some modeling gigs due to the publicity from the complaint. Her lawyer hopes to recover the lost revenue from the canceled gigs plus defamation damages. A win for the hot Cuckoldress!

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Cuckolded Husbands

Sara, I have to tell you about what is happening in my marriage. I have been turned into a cuckolded husband. I thought my marriage was fine and maybe it was, until my wife went to Vegas with her girlfriends to celebrate one of her friends getting divorced. A divorce party for Kelli. I thought they would go shopping and go to shows and maybe get drunk. Little did I know what they really did!

So… One night I woke up and my wife was not in bed. I thought that was strange so I walked into the hall and saw light from the living room and thought my wife was watching tv. That was until I heard familiar voices, the voices of her girlfriends and I figured out my wife was watching videos of her Vegas trip. My wife isn’t much of a technophile. When she was taking a shower in the morning, I turned on her tablet and looked for video files and found a file called Vegas Videos. Did I dare watch? My cock was getting hard just thinking about watching a few videos while she was showering. I don’t know why it would be getting hard except I thought maybe I’d see some of the girls making out when they were drunk or something.

Instead, the first video was obviously taken inside a strip club, featuring an all male revue! But there was something different about these males. They were all black! They were muscled, oiled up and wearing next to nothing. And the women were all screaming at them and frantically waving dollar bills in the air to lure the black men to come closer. All the women were white! And there was my beautiful wife, screaming and waving dollar bills just like all of her friends! When one of the black guys got close to them at the edge of the stage, they were even more wild, trying to flash their tits, licking their lips. The divorcee Kelli peeled off her panties and threw them at one of the black male strippers. That video ended, I think the video was done on a cell phone without a lot of memory. I clicked to the next video.

They were still at the club. A black stripper was showing off his hard dong inside of a pair of boxer briefs and it was a huge meat log. My cock got so hard I started stroking it. I could even hear him say: Come and get it, come and get it! And then I heard my wife say, I want it! He leaned over and pulled her up on the stage. I had to keep replaying that. My wife only weighs about 110, she’s so petite. He was up onstage about 3 feet off the ground and was still able to lean over and lift her up like she didn’t weigh anything at all. He then began to grind on her, hump her with his huge dong while the women in the audience went even more wild. My wife began slipping bills into his briefs. Hey, I was paying for this trip and she was spending my money to get dry humped by a huge black guy!?! That made my cock start spilling pre-cum! When the music for that song ended, my wife whispered something into his ear and he nodded. What did she say to him? Did she tell him her cell number, her hotel and room number? Where did her lust for black men come from?

I had to stop playing the next video because I heard my wife come out of the bathroom. Now we have to go forward about 2 weeks. I had a raging headache and was looking for some Tylenol. I knew my wife kept some in the nightstand on her side of the bed. I opened the drawer and there was the biggest black dildo I’d ever seen. OK I was shocked, but was even more shocking was that her other dildo, meaning her white cock dildo was gone. Gone! Had my wife gone black? My wife had her period for a week after coming back and then we didn’t have sex the week after, because I had this huge work project that had me working way too many hours at the office, late into the night. Was my wife fucking her tight pussy with this black cock while I was slaving away on the job to provide for us?

I still haven’t had the nerve to ask her. Anyway, I downloaded all the Vegas Videos onto a thumbstick so I could watch them anytime I want. Nothing gets racier than what I told you about at the strip club. But there was some interesting dialog in the last video. One of my wife’s girlfriends Tricia announces that they will have to come to Vegas again and suggests someone else get divorced. These are all beautiful, sexy wives who you would never dream would be at a male strip club whooping it up for big black cock. Leah volunteers to get divorced, she says her husband is lame in bed and has a small penis. My wife then shouts, We all need to cuckold our husbands in Vegas! All the girls laugh. I cut this down into a GIF, where she repeats endlessly, in a loop, We all need to cuckold our husbands in Vegas and the wives laugh! I now jack off to the GIF while licking her pussy juices off of the big black dildo. And I call you for cuckold phone sex.

Chris Martin Cuckolded by Gwyneth Paltrow ?

Was the marriage between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow an open marriage or a cuckold relationship? New tabloid stories mushroomed this week asserting that Paltrow originally advocated she and Martin develop an open relationship. The stories elaborated how Gwyneth rescinded this after deciding Martin was not equipped to handle such intricate social delicacies and ordered him to remain faithful to her while she gained open rein to pursue whatever sexual liaisons she desired. Paltrow was supposedly sleeping with both an entertainment attorney and a real estate baron, cuckolding Martin. Martin reportedly remained faithful to the marriage until the last year or so when they visibly drifted apart. At this point, he may have had a few affairs of his own, the most rumored to be with actress Kate Bosworth.

Martin was a bit of a naive hubby who lost his virginity late by male standards, at age 22, and prior to Paltrow, had only two girlfriends. His inexperience in relationships than a more sexually sophisticated and narcissistic Paltrow, may have also spurred her to cuckold him. And since we don’t know penis size, this may also have been a contributing factor. Something tells me his penis size is below average and that he lacks sexual confidence, a ripe recipe for being cuckolded. Still, his income from Coldplay and status as a rock star must have appealed to Gwyneth whose acting heyday has long been over. This fits into the biological paradigm where women align themselves with cuckold males who can offer them a lifestyle that is superior to the one they would sustain solo.

Humiliated Cuckold Husband

I dared one of my recent cuckold phone sex callers to email (the largest producer of interracial cuckold videos) and offer his services as a cuckolded hubby reality video actor. I knew this submissive bitch had a membership at Dogfart and that he loves paying for his porno and phone sex via credit cards online. He promised he would fulfill this dare and email them and inquire if he could appear in an upcoming video clip as a small dicked cuck. And the only desperate request he begged of me as his Cuckoldress was permission to wear dark sunglasses to obscure his identity. Of course, I said yes, because I’m so sure anyone watching the video online wouldn’t be able to tell it was him LMAO! My little cucky said would be willing to watch his sexy hotwife (he would love if his wife was played by Cuckqueen Candy Monroe) get fucked by one of the hung black bulls (he would love if the mega black stud was played by Shane Diesel) while they humiliated him for being an underhung whiteboi bitch. He proclaimed that he would even clean up creampie with gusto.

One of the ironies in all of this is… my cockold doesn’t even care if he gets paid hahaha. He’d fly all the way to Porn Valley and cover his own airfare, meal, rental car and hotel expenses if Dogfart would put him in a cucked hubby video. This would be his fantasy of a lifetime to be in an one of their upcoming tiny penis video clips as a humiliated cuckold husband. I don’t know if takes amateur talent, but if they do, I will update my blog with any details re: this fantasy cum true of co-starring in a cuckhold porn clip.

Sexless Cuckold Husband

My wife started to cuckold me after she had her second baby. She said she couldn’t feel my cock anymore, that my six inches wasn’t enough for her. She has always said she gets hit on by black guys at work. That’s nothing new. But my wife didn’t know about cuckolding until I told her what it was after she confessed to fucking hung black guys she met at work. My wife works at a gym as a Pilates instructor and there are plenty of black guys who are members. And being a Pilates instructor keeps my wife smokin’ hot and not looking like she has been pregnant twice. My wife has always known that black guys have bigger cocks. She told me this was something she knew back when she was in college and all the girls raved about big black cocks. My wife also told me she admires their muscular physiques, athleticism and dominant attitudes. Maybe I should be thankful that my wife isn’t fucking ghetto thugs.

Now it turns me on that my wife is doing black men and that I am left to masturbating to porn or jacking off. My wife won’t fuck these men in our home or let me watch. She takes care of her sexual needs and I get to lick out creampies and jack off in front of her. If I’m lucky. Sometimes, she can’t be bothered, she’s too worn out from fucking a black bull. She falls asleep. If I do get to clean her out, it makes me so excited to lick the superior black men’s sperm from her pussy. Sometimes I try to hump the bed and cum while I do this, but she tells me I look stupid, stop, and go jerk off after I finish licking her. Like I said, until I told her about the term cuckolding, she had no clue what it was. She thought what she was getting into was interracial sex, which it is, but it’s cuckolding, too. I am just a pathetic cuckold husband. My wife won’t ever let me have sex with her again. Believe me, I tried, I even begged for it on my birthday and she refused. She said it would feel like a little pink birthday candle was poking around her pussy.

Celebrity Cuckold Andrew Silverman

If you haven’t paid attention to celebrity news lately, then you may not know that Simon Cowell turned one of his closest friends into a humiliated cuckold husband! Everyone knew about Simon Cowell’s vicious talons, but this is truly heartless! Months prior, onboard Simon’s yacht, paparazzi captured an interesting photo of Cowell and Lauren Silverman, the wife of one of his closest friends, real estate baron, Andrew Silverman, schmutzing Cowell. The kiss seemed a little suspicious, but was brushed off as innocent fun on the yacht, since her husband was also onboard! What Andrew Silverman didn’t realize at the time was that he was a cuckold husband! Simon and Andrew’s wife, Lauren, were purportedly having an affair behind Andrew’s back and now Lauren is pregnant with Simon’s baby!

The fact that Cowell pulled this on his own friend – stealing his wife – was a bit of a shocker to a lot of people. But, we all know that men will be men and if the business of attraction and power is stronger then loyalty, then so be it, they will break the Bro Code. Cowell is far more wealthy than Silverman, by the multi-millions. Lauren certainly will be far better taken care of as Cowell’s baby mama and paramour. Perhaps it was Cowell’s money and power that drew her to him and away from her husband. Cowell made his millions whereas Silverman inherited his. Cowell is a worldwide brand and Silverman is a New York name. Andrew Silverman may not be very proud to have joined the ranks of other cuckold husbands, but he wanted to dismiss the humiliating cuckold moniker quickly and divorced his wife stat.