Chris Martin Cuckolded by Gwyneth Paltrow ?

Was the marriage between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow an open marriage or a cuckold relationship? New tabloid stories mushroomed this week asserting that Paltrow originally advocated she and Martin have an open relationship. The stories elaborated how Gwyneth rescinded this after deciding Martin was not equipped to handle such intricate social delicacies and ordered him to remain faithful to her while she gained open rein to pursue whatever sexual liaisons she desired. Paltrow was supposedly sleeping with both an entertainment attorney and a real estate baron, cuckolding Martin. Martin reportedly remained faithful to the marriage until the last year or so when they drifted apart to an extreme. At this point, he may have had a few affairs of his own, the most rumored to be with actress Kate Bosworth.

Martin was a bit of a naive hubby who lost his virginity late by male standards, at age 22, and prior to Paltrow, had only two girlfriends. His inexperience in relationships in general and being younger than a more sexually experienced and narcissistic Paltrow by four years, may have also spurred her to cuckold him. And since we don’t know penis size, this may have been a contributing factor. Something tells me his penis size is below average and that he lacks sexual confidence, a ripe recipe for being cuckolded. Still, his income from Coldplay and status as a rock star must have appealed to Gwyneth whose acting heyday has long been over. This fits into the biological paradigm where women align themselves with cuckold males who can offer them a lifestyle that is superior to the one they would have solo. The irony seems to be that Gwyneth had allowed her deteriorating marriage to continue to fall apart, while externally trying to maintain “everything is peachy” appearances in public.

Humiliated Cuckold Husband

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Sexless Cuckold Husband

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Celebrity Cuckold Andrew Silverman

If you haven’t paid attention to celebrity news lately, then you may not know that Simon Cowell turned one of his closest friends into a humiliated cuckold husband! Everyone knew about Simon Cowell’s vicious talons, but this is truly heartless! Months prior, onboard Simon’s yacht, paparazzi captured an interesting photo of Cowell and Lauren Silverman, the wife of one of his closest friends, real estate baron, Andrew Silverman, schmutzing Cowell. The kiss seemed a little suspicious, but was brushed off as innocent fun on the yacht, since her husband was also onboard! What Andrew Silverman didn’t realize at the time was that he was a cuckold husband! Simon and Andrew’s wife, Lauren, were purportedly having an affair behind Andrew’s back and now Lauren is pregnant with Simon’s baby!

The fact that Cowell pulled this on his own friend – stealing his wife – was a bit of a shocker to a lot of people. But, we all know that men will be men and if the business of attraction and power is stronger then loyalty, then so be it, they will break the Bro Code. Cowell is far more wealthy than Silverman, by the multi-millions. Lauren certainly will be far better taken care of as Cowell’s baby mama and paramour. Perhaps it was Cowell’s money and power that drew her to him and away from her husband. Cowell made his millions whereas Silverman inherited his. Cowell is a worldwide brand and Silverman is a New York name. Andrew Silverman may not be very proud to have joined the ranks of other cuckold husbands, but he wanted to dismiss the humiliating cuckold moniker quickly and divorced his wife stat.

Andrew Silverman is a Cuckold Husband

Last year, Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman were caught while on a yacht vacation in what they thought was a totally private kiss. A paparazzi with a telephoto lens captured the kiss that hit the tabloids and stirred up an instant scandal. According to Lauren’s husband Andrew Silverman, the infamous kiss and even more happened between Cowell and his wife before the Silvermans separated. Andrew believes that the kiss and the possible affair that Lauren and the music and tv magnate were involved in was grounds for accusing Simon of adultery. Regardless, Simon scored the babe and now Andrew Silverman is a cuckold husband. Lauren is pregnant with Simon’s baby, Andrew doesn’t have a hot wife anymore and Simon Cowell is the ultimate winner in this situation, because he gets the girl, he has the big money, and Andrew is flat out humiliated, besmirched and cucked. The ironic part of the whole celebrity cuckold scandal is that Simon Cowell and Andrew Silverman used to be close friends.

Even though cuckolding is growing in popularity, especially in the US and UK, Simon’s actions definitely violate what is known as the bro code. Bro Code Article 150 states that a Bro should never ever sleep with his Bro’s wife. Simon Cowell’s flagrant actions of having sex with Andrew Silverman’s wife totally violated Article 150 of the Bro Code, and it’s safe to say that Simon can never be considered a Bro in any country in the world – ever again. Congratulations, Simon. Turn in your Bro card.